Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quotable Quotes

Well, we've been very busy lately. In the next couple days I hope to update on our trip to Neuschwanstein and Oktoberfest. But for now, here are some random quotes from the last few days:

F, German age 6, watching the presidential debate when John McCain said "We're a long way from safe.":
"But you don't have tigers in the USA? And you don't have lions... I think he is a liar."

A really drunk German on the S-Bahn after his friend tried to chat with me (rough translation):
"They don't understand you, they don't speak German, they are from (burp) Florida."

And finally, due to Oktoberfest, a million annoying tourists:
"I cannot believe they charged me for water. It comes from a faucet. I just want water from a faucet. This cost 2 Euros and it has bubbles and I'm not going to drink it!"
"...oooh now say 'Waterbottle.' (laughs) Now say 'aluminium.' Your accent is soooo funny!"

We'll be so glad when all the tourists go home. I've come to realize that Americans are really loud. Normally when I ride the S-Bahn their is a murmur, but with these tourists you can hear every bit of their conversations, and most of those conversations are stupid.

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