Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Last Saturday Ryan and I went to check out the last castle built by "mad" King Ludwig II. Ludwig was one of the last kings of Bavaria, who nearly bankrupted his country by building outlandish castles. He also died very mysteriously a day after being deposed. I found out he drowned in Lake Starnberg-- the very lake I spent all of August swimming in with the evil family.

When we mentioned our plans to our current family, they laughed. Then Ryan added that we were catching a 6am train to beat the crowds, and the response was "That's sooo American!"

And yes, not many Germans were there. Mostly American and Asian tourists. The kind who move to stand directly in front of you when you are reading a sign. Anyway, it was very beautiful, but the tour only lasts 30 minutes, at which point you are escorted out of the finished part of the castle (only 1/3 was completed before Ludwig's death.) The exterior was fabulous, and we did a great hike to the mountain top above the castle-- finally nice weather!

It was a nice day trip, but I wouldn't call it a "must-see" as many guidebooks seem to. Next time I think we'll opt for one of the completed castles, of which there are many in Bavaria.


history market stock said...

when will you go online?

Imaginer said...

this picture is astounding!
you sound as though you are
thriving in Germany!
hurray for living with and
au pairing for a cool family.
missoula says hello and is just
not the same without you.

(in this post, i am boycotting the shift button)(even though it took the shift button to do ( and ) )