Monday, September 22, 2008

Ryan the Robber

It was a big week in our new locale. F turned 6 and started 1st grade. In German tradition she received a "schuletutte", a large paper cone filled with gifts, on her first day of school. 1st grade is only 1/2 day here, but she and her classmates are still much more knowledgeable than their American counterparts. They can add and subtract 2-digit figures, they can read pretty well, and most of she and her friends are as comfortable in English as they are in German. How do they fit it all in? Plus they teach religion in schools, so that's even less time for fundamentals.

Saturday was her birthday party and it was a wild event. Her favorite game is "Detective" and for her birthday she wanted to "catch a real robber and get his treasure." Ryan graciously agreed to play the robber and we planned a scavenger hunt in a nearby park. Ryan hid by a small hut in the woods wearing a black mask. Wanted posters were hung of him, and so he may be famous in Pasing now. Apparently a few people stopped him and asked what he was doing.

We are settling in nicely with the family, I think. I worried that it would be awkward, I didn't know what Ryan's role would be with the family and if he would like it. But he is very generous toward the kids and they seem to like him a lot. It will be funny for us when we move out of here and go back to living just the two of us again.

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