Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Aack! Two posts in one day!!

Have to share something. I sent Ryan a funny article this morning ( and he emailed me this response:

"I see your article on the death of love and raise you an article on why you are not a christian. Have fun in hell!"

Please take a moment to share in this masterpiece. Done? Good. Such a high-quality work of theology deserves a thoughtful response. Here is my email to Mrs. (I can only assume she's married and doing her Christianly duty of popping out babies) Folger.

Dear Mrs. Folger,

Thank you for your recent article "You Cannot be a Christian and Vote Obama." It helped clear up a lot of confusion I was having about my life. See, for the past 20 or so years I thought I was a Christian. But, I mailed in my ballot for Obama last week, so clearly, I was wrong.

Its a real shame that when I attended a Methodist University they never told me that voting Democrat nullifies my salvation. Perhaps you should draw their attention to this! I was always taught to believe that there are valid differences in opinion when one reads the scripture and that we should be able to discuss these issues using both faith and reason.

Now that I have seen the errors of my ways, would you please send me your thoughts on the rest of the Bible? I wouldn't want to continue reading it incorrectly.

Thanks very much,

Katy Strange

If you likewise see an error in her logic, please feel free to email her at:

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