Friday, October 17, 2008

Are we there yet?

Ugh, I am sooo tired of the presidential race. We watched the 3rd (and luckily last) Presidential debate last night. Well I should say Ryan watched it and I covered my eyes. All the bickering makes me feel antsy. And John McCain's complete insensitivity to the division his campaign's rallies stir up makes me angry.

Luckily for America (and the rest of the world), its looking like Obama will win. But there are many people who are so irrationally fired up against him (usually convinced he's Muslim/terrorist/black supremacist/whatever) that its going to be a hard fight to bring people together after the election. We need to unify to tackle the most difficult problems America has faced in generations. We don't need hostilities and personal attacks. I once respected John McCain, before his Palin pick and his negative campaigning. I think he would've made a great president 8 years ago(better than Bush), but the current McCain is so focused on winning that he's completely sold out.

What we can hope for is that McCain will go back to being his old, Mavericky self. And I was encouraged to see a return to that at the Al Smith dinner:

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