Friday, February 27, 2009


A young man walks down the street. Standing inside the door of the bank is his wife. She smiles as she sees his approach. She gathers her folder of documents and opens the door to him.
"I brought you some chocolates." The man smiles meekly. His wife's eyes bulge, her voice drops to a whisper.
"What has happened?"
"Didn't you say you always wanted to live in Frankfurt?"
"WHAT?!" She exclaims too loudly. Others in the bank turn to see the commotion.

That was yesterday evening. Our appointment to switch to Berliner Volksbank was rendered instantly moot. Ryan's company has decided in their infinite wisdom, to move our entire branch to Frankfurt this summer. Keep in mind, some of the Berlin employees haven't even moved in yet! We have been in our apartment for 4 weeks, and had furniture for 1 week. This whole thing is totally bizarre. It was explained as having to do with an argument between the regional manager (whose family is in Frankfurt) and a recently-fired CFO who set us up in Berlin. And so everyone gets to move or be out of a job. For us there is no choice, although we love Berlin and partly chose this position because of its location. But our visas are tied to Ryan's job. Great.

The place we are moving is not even IN Frankfurt, but about 30 minutes southeast by car, which we don't have. Needless to say, we are all pretty pissed. Can I hope for a branch-wide mutiny?


Imaginer said...

What a fiasco. I just read two months worth of posts and your moving drama was so dramatic and insane and now you have to do it all over again for Frankfurt. Yikes!!!
I'm back in the States by the way. Had a lovely time negotiating Mexico city and its surrouning environs. I learned a lot about Mexican history. Fascinating stuff. I also learned that combining english, french, japanese and spanish to communicate results in intense confusion on the part of all parties involved and that one should never build the capital of their empire on a lake, even though the gods to them to through an eagle eating a rattlesnake on a cacuts plant. You wouldn't believe the sinkage that is going on. In a related story, what is up with Florida and all the people who insist on living right next to the ocean despite regular visits from hurricanes and the immenent threat of sea levels raising from climate change??? Rant ends here. On to Dallas in a couple of days and still now summer job.

Imaginer said...

Wow, can you say proof reading or spell check?? Obviously I can't.
Interpret "gods to them" as "gods tell them," "cacuts" as "cactus," "immenent" as "immenent spelled correctly" and "now" as "no."