Thursday, February 5, 2009

No furniture? No problem!

Yesterday I was feeling very sorry for myself. Mostly because we don't have any chairs. We have a mattress from IKEA, which is quite nice. And we have some furniture generously given to us by Heide and Armin: a wardrobe, a small cabinet, and a giant heavy table which is in our cellar at the moment. During the original move-in I was so exhausted I couldn't physically carry this massive table top up the stairs, so I convinced Ryan to leave it by the dumpster. But our Hausmeister caught us, so we had to take it and put it in the cellar.

But anyway, we don't have any chairs and I was feeling sorry for myself because I have a very boney butt and it often goes numb sitting on the floor. I have folded up some blankets and pillows to sit on, but its not quite as good as a real chair. So I was sad because it will be at least a month until we get some more furniture, as Ryan's pay isn't due until March 1st.

This wouldn't be a problem in the US, at least not in the Missoula I was raised in. Drive downtown for a few blocks and you can find any number of mostly not disgusting furniture items curbside. But Germans don't toss stuff out like Americans do. And even the giant 4-story 2nd hand shop on the corner has very minimal furniture and offers it at IKEA prices. This is no Value Village where you can buy a futon for $5.00 and get a ride home/delivery from a total stranger.

I'm trying to look on the bright side. For the first time in my life I own a large rectangular room with hardwood floors. That's right, its time to bust out that bellydancing DVD I bought to get in shape for the wedding! This room is big enough to host a whole aerobics class, really. Maybe I should work on that.

But what really cheered me up was going through my old blogs about living in Loughborough.

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Or... Carmen Electra's Strippercise! :)