Monday, March 2, 2009

First Day of School!

My German class started this morning. I was pretty nervous about going. This is the first class I've taken, mostly I've been learning by listening to pod casts and through books. I was assigned to level A2, which is the second of five or six levels. Primarily I worried that the class would be way ahead of me grammatically and that I would end up being the token stupid kid.

I showed up 10 minutes early to find my group and classroom. There must be nearly 100 students in the various classes, and they were all milling about chatting with each other. A new fear struck me: would they be so tight-nit that there would be no place for one awkward American chick?

Class started and the teacher started by asking what we did on the weekend and I thought I'd impress by laying out a phrase learned only yesterday, "zu Fuss gehen" which means to go for a walk. She asked me a follow up question and I had no idea what she was talking about. Backfire. I stared at my classmates who were staring back encouragingly, some even making gestures to try and help me. No dice. Only when I got home was I able to look up "spazieren"-to stroll.

On break my two American classmates approached and complained about our teacher. The previous session's teacher was apparently more animated than a cartoon character and cracked a lot of jokes. I think our teacher is pretty nice, but they find her dull. I changed the subject by admitting how shoddy my grammar is, and they admitted they didn't catch much of the morning's grammar lesson either.
"We had to take a grammar test at the end of last session and we all failed." They quipped. I thought 'Maybe its good thing we got a new teacher.'

I'm very happy to have class everyday. I've felt pretty aimless lately. I'm a person who needs to have work, and our small flat is not very much work.

In other news, Ryan's Canadian boss is in town for these next two days and I'm hoping we can get some details about both the whys and hows of our proposed move. They're having dinner tonight, details to follow....

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Bonnie Jean said...

Awww... did Ryan write you a note on your lunch napkin? :)
(Seriously, though, major respect for taking on another language - more and more I feel guilty that pretty much everyone else here speaks/reads *fluently* 2-3 languages, while I hardly remembered any French at all)