Monday, May 26, 2008

Thousands of Babies...

I've been reading a lot of articles this week about the raid on the FLDS compound in Texas and how botched it was, that the government had no right to intervene on behalf of the children's welfare. I can't believe this. While not all of the children were in immediate danger of being sexually assaulted by a relative, many of them were. After reading articles and books about the FLDS ("Under the Banner of Heaven" is a great one) I can't believe these children weren't being abused at least psychologically. These girls are told to shut up and put up. They are treated as property, and I can't believe that in the US we still allow people to do this to each other.

I know the experience of being removed from the only home you know is a traumatic one, but so is being forced out of such a community, as many young men are. It would have been easier if they had some anti-brianwashing facility to transition the children in, but alas we lack the technology. Most of the children are due to be returned shortly, but I hope in this interlude they have seen that the world is not an evil place and will consider their futures in it.

In other weird religious news, I signed Ryan up for a newsletter after reading an article on "The Quiverfull Movement" . This is a Christian group who believes that birth control is wrong, and basically God wants you to pop out as many kids as possible. The most famous example of this are the Duggars- a family that is pregnant for the 18th time and has their own TV special. Anyway, I thought it would be hilarious to sign baby-phobic Ryan up for their newsletter. I had to answer a few questions on his behalf, and schmoozed about the glories of having a million children. I waited 2 whole weeks, excitedly checking his emails over his shoulder, but nothing! Apparently he was rejected. Don't get me wrong, I think basing your lifestyle on a single Bible verse is pretty crazy (see the guys who went after Galileo, etc), but I'm mad that they rejected me none-the-less.

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