Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pork and Beans

Freaking out, just a bit...
-find a new apartment in Munich
-find a new job in Munich
-pack and clean current apartment
-get rid of a bunch of once expensive, now almost worthless kitchen and electronic gadgets
-open new bank account
-switch over cell phone service
-forward mail to unknown address
-track down background checks and EHIC cards
-file for tax refund
-set up internet in new apartment
-fill out a million forms so Ryan and I can reside legally in Germany

We leave on Sunday and have about a million balls in the air at the moment. I'm a bit stressed and erratic at the moment. I alternate between cooing over and threatening my husband, I think he's learning to hug with one arm while grabbing for a weapon with the other. We're both a bit stressed, but we're doing ok.

In semi-related mental health news, I may have pieced together another part of the cure for depression, this video:

Yes, it's post-sellout Weezer and yes I don't care for any of these internet sell-ebrities, but it's true, "Everyone likes to dance to a happy song." and dancing around in my underwear to Weezer might be the key.

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