Friday, January 16, 2009

Selling off the Heirlooms....

So, been a bit quiet lately. We're chilling at the in-laws until Ryan's job training in Vancouver next week. What have we been up to? Well, at the Stranges, the rule is board games. We have mastered 6 new games, including a new version of the card classic, golf.

While playing said games I've been indulging in cookies and American candies too much. Almost can't fit into the "skinny jeans" I got for Christmas. Oh well, it tends to fall off in Europe seeing as I walk 5 miles a day and live in a 5th floor walk-up.

But the main business at hand is selling off wedding presents. No, not the one you gave us, of course. Sadly there is no cheap way to move overseas. When we originally moved it was only for 16 months, but now it might be 3 years, and as kind as my in-laws are, I don't think they want to eternally store a room full of wedding gifts. So we've had to prioritize. We've bubble wrapped our favorite breakables for carry-on, and we've got a massive box for Ryan's bike.

But somethings have got to go. Surprisingly most department stores take returns nearly 2 years after the wedding. Unfortunately, most of our gifts come from Target who has recently changed its return policy from reasonable to ultra-screw. I love Target's stuff, but it makes no sense to register there anymore, as its virtually impossible to return gifts sans receipt. Thus I've taken to Craigslisting, and have made out okay so far. Now if only the exchange rate would fluctuate this way a little....

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