Sunday, January 4, 2009

Missoula Whiplash

There's a strange disparity about being back in the United States. Nothing's changed... except me. Everything seems familiar, but like I'm looking at it through weird goggles. European goggles. Not to sound snobby, but suddenly I'm noticing how weird we are as Americans: loud, excitable, and a bit in-your-face. We tip our waiters and service people 20% for their extra super cheeriness and for checking on our water glasses every 3 1/2 minutes. In Germany its preferred that waiters appear maybe twice during dinner and are only tipped a Euro or two.

But the funniest thing about being back in Missoula is that everywhere I went I ran into someone I know. People I haven't seen in years are suddenly calling my name through the mall, I'd whip around and search for random person's name. Try and escape with a few politenesses, but often have to explain the whole "this is my husband we live in Germany" bit. (Its not necessarily a quick explanation.)

Ryan's always teased me by saying "For being from Montana you sure are a big city girl." While I love Missoula's quirkiness and appreciate the many friends I have there, its nice to escape into a big city's anonymity. Its just lower pressure than having to remember my third-grade Sunday School teacher's name.

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Bonnie Jean said...

(heehee) I went with my mums to Costco when I went home for Christmas and I almost started to feel sick at the sheer volume of options of *everything* in there, to say nothing of the size of the "portions". I didn't realize I had become so used to having, literally, two options of peanut butter to choose from.