Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Home for the Holidays?

We were disappointed to find out that our dream apartment in Berlin was snatched up before we even applied. But I got back on the internet and managed to found a flat next door with the same layout. After some hemming and hawing, we decided to take it, even though we haven't viewed it apart from photos.

So now we're rounding up our paperwork. We applied for the mysterious "Schufa" a German credit check, which probably won't turn up anything seeing as we've only had a German bank account for 2 months or so. Ryan's coworker helped him with the application and explained "you sign this application then take it to the post office. They have to see that you are a real person, because in Germany only real people can have bank accounts."

I'm very excited about this place, its situated on a beautiful square with cafes and bakeries nearby. There's also a courtyard and lots of trees around, which definitely helps this Montana girl. The best part of the description is that it has an "American" kitchen. Heide and I pondered what this could mean and decided it probably means a refrigerator bigger than a shoe box. Oh the things you take for granted.

So cross your fingers for us, we may have a place to move to after Christmas.

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