Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yesterday was my 24th birthday. So, I'm officially in my mid-twenties now, which is inching towards 30, which is an age I've never imagined myself to be. What should a 24-year old be doing in her life? Climbing the corporate ladder?

Instead we are heading to Berlin this weekend to find a flat. Its exciting that we'll be able to afford something nice for once, though it may take a while to actually furnish it. Ryan will be graduated soon and we'll be like real grown ups. Very strange.

Heide and Armin got me a box of chocolates and some delicious German gingerbread, and took us out for Bavarian food. Ryan got me a gift card for a big department store, and promised that if I waited until January I could use more than the 20 Euros its issued for. I am excitedly anticipating a package from my parents, which hopefully won't be difficult going through customs.

The 23rd birthday felt like a triumph, having survived my first few months abroad. This birthday is more like waiting. Soon we'll move again, and we'll "settle down" for the first time in our married lives. I still feel like a fraudulent adult, as if some mystical age police will appear to card me while I'm cooking dinner and send me back to high school. It seems by the time I'm used to being in my 20s they'll be over. Well, here's to six more years.

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