Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brussels Smells Like....

Just got back from our trip to Brussels. I sort of expected the capital city of the European Union to be at least a little impressive. Its not that bad, don't get me wrong, but really a downer compared to other European capitals. Even former Warsaw Pact Budapest was more posh. Heide told us upon return "Yeah, its the trash bin of Europe."

We did have a nice time, and it was wonderful to see all of Ryan's classmates from the past year. His Master's Thesis presentation went well and his post-presentation questions weren't too difficult. It wasn't a bad city to host this sort of event seeing as there isn't much sight seeing to do, but thousands of beers to try. And try we did! The Guiness World Record holder for bar with the most beers is Delirium in old Brussels. They even had beers for me who hates beer! The key word for girlie drinkers is "Framboise." Its French for raspberry and that's what it tastes like. We also tried all the notorious foods: mussels, french fries with mayonnaise, and the best waffles I've ever eaten. (It doesn't hurt that they're covered in melted chocolate)

But other than beer and a few nice buildings in the center, Brussels is not very impressive. The metro is really confusing and stinky, and the city is very dirty. The above photo is of the famous Mannekin-Pis statue, which I think is a very appropriate mascot for this town!

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