Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Month, Another Move

I have been at my new au pair job for a week now. That includes Ryan and I living on the 3rd floor of a family house in Pasing, a Munich suburb.

During the cab ride over (cheapest move to date!) I was really really nervous. What would the family be like? Would they respect our contractual agreement, or would I be working non-stop? Would the whole experience put Ryan off kids forever?

But so far, so good. I work 4-6 hours a day, playing and feeding the kids. I make dinner once or twice a week. Ryan's commute is shorter now, and he walks 10-15 minutes to his bus stop each day. When he comes home we eat with the family and usually play a bit with F. the older daughter (6 today!) she is very competitive and energetic, but also sweet.

The other child is a boy, A. who is 1. There was some confusion over this. When I interviewed I thought they said he was 1, but when we sat down to our first dinner last Sunday night I said "he speaks quite a lot, he's not quite 2, right?" and the mother said "no, since January." Which was embarrassing since I thought I messed up. But I think she meant until instead of since. It is confusing, he is quite big for his age, but developmentally he's more inline with a 1.5 year old. Finally, I saw his birth certificate when we were looking a baby pics yesterday and that solved the puzzle.

So, we are here until late December/early January (still working on dates for a trip to the US for Christmas). One of Ryan's coworkers thought certainly he'd be offered a job with his current company, but they are not ready to expand yet. So, post-New Year's plans are narrowing to: California, Frankfurt, Spain, Italy, and maybe back to the UK. We couldn't go another few months without moving, could we?

P.S. A's vocabulary so far: hello, mama, oba, uuu ("tchus"= bye). Ryan and I have decided to teach him "Obama" since he already has those syllables. No luck so far, but his parents find it amusing.

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