Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yes, your car is loud.

So much to write and so little time. We're still enjoying Munich, although every night that the Euro Cup continues I hate certain teams more and more. The worst have to be the Croatian fans. After a win last Thursday night they completely took over a main street near our apartment, and I mean completely blocked it. Crazy flag-waving people kept the cars from moving, and the cars that detoured down our lovely street seemed to be honking the Croatian constitution in morse code. It goes on for hours every night! Somehow Ryan sleeps through it, I'm reading more.

I went for a "trial day" with a family yesterday, to see if I would be a good fit as a nanny for their child. I've met a lot of crazy parents in my time, but yesterday was off the charts. Here are some instructions I never thought I'd hear a parent give:

-wash your hands and take off your shoes when you enter. Before you touch her, please wash your hands. Also wash her hands every half hour or so, and then wash yours.
-her hair must be dry when she gets out of the bathtub. If it is not, please blow dry it.
-No, no, our daughter doesn't drink tap water! Here is the Evian.
-After she uses the toilet, lift her onto the bidet.

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