Monday, June 9, 2008

New City, New Job (interviews, at least)

This is my least favorite part of moving, finding a new job. In the past year I’ve had 4 jobs, which has been interesting, but I hate interviewing and employers aren’t taken with my recent habit of moving every 3-5 months.

Monday I interviewed with J. from a local tour guide company. He’s a charming Irishman and we got on well, discussing travel and tours. I love taking tours on vacation, even the free ones given by boring old people. Anyway, given my love of history and my BA in theatre, this job seemed a perfect fit. The only trouble: it isn’t exactly paid. Several tour companies offer “free” tours of Munich that last 2-3 hours and the guides are paid only in tips. Plus the guides must hand over a portion of the tips to the tour guide company. J. assured me that I’d be making €70/tour in a matter of weeks, but I wasn’t convinced. He recommended taking a tour the following day and then letting him know.

Without further encouragement, Ryan and I joined a tour in Marianplatz. Our guide was a funny Australian girl and it was a very interesting tour. Munich has several interesting periods of history, from the plague to Napoleon to Hitler’s Putsch. It’s amazing to see the spot where Hitler tried to take over the government (the first time). I chatted with the guide a bit, we compared travels and “adjustments” to living on the cheap. “My shoes have holes in them!” “ Well, I’ve lost so much weight that none of my trousers fit.” Maybe it was a ploy for more tips, but it didn’t leave me convinced that Ryan and I could get by on tour guide money.

My next interview was Friday morning, with a local English-speaking nanny agency. Previously I’d been quite impressed with their quick responses to emails and sending out new vacancies rapidly. But today was nicht gut. She kept asking for things I’ve already sent her, i.e. references and photo (why does a nanny agency need photos of you anyway?) And I just felt awkward. She took out my big barrels right away by being completely unimpressed with my camp counselor experience. She kept asking me what my 5-year plan was; do people even make those anymore? I thought we as a society decided to reject 5-year plans and follow our dreams and whatnot. Especially people in their early 20s. I didn’t think anyone was supposed to harass people in their early 20s about what they were going to do with their lives, at least not if they went to college, which I did. Sure I got a completely useless theatre degree, but I went to college and graduated, and now no one can bother me about it anymore, right?

So, I don’t think that interview was so hot, but I do have a much more promising one on Sunday night with a local family who wants a nanny. Wish me glück!

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