Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nudes abound!

I know I'm not writing about the glory of l'arc de Triomphe or the spookiness of Pere La Chaise cemetary. Frankly, see them for yourselves. They are what you'd expect and wonderful to experience. What I find most interesting are the bizarre cultural differences I never expected to find.

France is very relaxed about nudity. Ryan's grandmother wasn't thrilled. At one point after a few days' hiatus from museums we walked into a gallery full of nude sculptures, she dryly stated "ah, I was going through naked people withdrawals."

Even the postcard vendors on the streets proudly display vintage nude photos. This lead to one of the funniest moments from the trip, as we were walking along the Seine, casually looking around, Ryan actually WALKED INTO A POLE, being so distracted by naked pictures. It was pretty hilarious.

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