Monday, January 14, 2008

Move me to Newcastle, ASAP!

Ryan and I took the train up this weekend to look at flats in Newcastle. As soon as I stepped out of the train station into a reasonably dry and windless city, I was immediately swayed.

Not only was it sunny all day Saturday, but we saw two flats that WITHOUT: broken freezers, holes in the kitchen floor, single-paned windows, or moldy showers! I was on cloud nine. We talked with Geordies, the lovely people of Northern England renowned for their friendliness (so long as you're a Newcastle United fan, they were sadly killed by Manchester on Saturday night 6-0). We strolled quaint neighborhoods with real live Jewish people (the first we've seen in Europe) and an actual deli! How I've missed delis!

Newcastle has the unique distinction amongst the British cities that I've seen thus far of having architecture that works together. Downtown is an amazingly cohesive set of minimal bridges, old castle walls, and Neoclassical streets. We walked along the river Tyne on Saturday night taking in the panorama before having a delicious dinner at a restaurant called Marco Polo.

Ryan and I decided on the first flat we viewed. One bedroom, which means we'll actually be living by ourselves-- no roommates! And thank goodness, because each new day that I'm living with Tequila is a day too long.

We returned from Newcastle pleasantly surprised that Angel had actually put gas on the card, but she quickly redeemed herself by having a marathon of loud sex last night. Tequila was lying low until this afternoon where she has been exchanging yells with her boyfriend for approximately 5 hours. She took a break to make tea whilst Ryan and I were having dinner in the kitchen. (I guess all that yelling hurts her throat) She was trailed by two moderately ugly guys like dogs in heat. She proceeded to take one of our mugs out of a stack of dirty dishes, pour tea in it , and then add a large sprinkling of the ginger that I had been using while cooking stir fry. I sure hope she enjoyed drinking it as much as I enjoyed imagining her drinking it.

P.S. for your further enjoyment please review this list of Geordie slang, courtesy of wikipedia.
  • Gannin Hyem - Going Home
  • Snottercloot - Hankerchief
  • Y'areet - You alright?
  • Bairns - Children
  • Divint - Do Not
  • Ha'way - Come on!
  • Canny - Nice/Ok/quite
  • Charva - Chav
  • Claarts - Mud
  • Hinny - Honey/Darling
  • Aye (pronounced I) - Yes
  • Deein - Doing
  • Gan - Go
  • Wor Kid - A friend
  • Kets - Sweets
  • Yee - You
  • Wey Aye (pronounced wey i) - Of Course

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