Friday, May 28, 2010

Grüne Soße Mystery

our little fridge. Above is our doll-sized freezer, below the infamous Grüne Soße.

One thing I really like about Germany is that people eat seasonally here. Now is the season for strawberries, asparagus, and Grüne Soße ("green sauce"). You'd think that not being able to buy things like strawberries and asparagus year-round would be annoying, but on the contrary, I think it makes me appreciate them more. It gives one something to look forward to.

Grüne Soße is a Frankfurt delicacy made from an assortment of herbs, eggs, and sour cream. I should explain that food from this region of Germany is pretty bad generally. (Anyone want a hunk of unchewable boiled beef?) But I've had many friends raving about this or that Grüne Soße, and I decided to hunt down the best one. We bought this big tub of it last weekend and it was pretty decent-- it beats raw radishes and brick-dense bread anyway. There is a fair amount left over and I figured we'd make something with it this weekend, but then I noticed something strange.--There seem to be large air bubbles forming in the sauce, and this morning it scared me to death when I opened the fridge only to be greeted by the loud "POP!" of the Grüne Soße's lid exploding off the top. What is happening to the Grüne Soße? Is it fermenting? Is this another Frankfurt tradition?

In other food news, I was caught at an inopportune moment by a door-to-door salesman from a company called Eisman ("Ice man"). I was in a hurry and stupidly said he could call me later. When I had a chance to peruse the catalog I realized it was all frozen food. When he called I told him my freezer is microscopic and already full. But he persisted on giving me the hard sell, I told him I wasn't interested and eventually hung up. He has been calling me once or twice a day for the last 2 weeks! Luckily he called my cellphone and I was able to save his number, so I can easily ignore him. I'm actually curious how many times he will call before he gets it through his head that I'm not interested in frozen food when I have no freezer space. We're on day 11 now. How much endurance does this salesman have? Only time will tell!

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