Tuesday, May 11, 2010


...is a bizarre contest that takes place at the end of May every year.  It's a pop sing-off, judged Olympics-style, but often as not somewhat political.  Germany had a reality show to determine our contestant, and Lena Meyer-Landrut prevailed.

The song itself is pretty catchy, although her pronunciation of the English language leaves something to be desired.  Ryan asked his German coworker what kind of accent Lena had and the coworker insisted it was "an excellent British accent."   If most Germans think this is a good British accent, I don't know what I'm doing teaching English.  Also note the $5.00 budget of the music video and Lena's spastic dancing.  Our odds of winning Eurovision?  I'd say pretty slim.  But maybe its a good excuse for a cocktail party?


Julifer said...

It sounds British enough I suppose, a little Canadian. I think she sounds like Tegan and Sara.

Expat Women said...

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Lizzie said...

Is it true that Lena gets some stick in Germany for always singing in English? I love eurovision.. most people in the UK see it as a bit of a joke but are disappointed when we come last!
I stumbled across your blog :) i'm moving to Leipzig in October and was thinking of doing a blog so i'm gaining some inspiration from yours

bijoux said...

You aren't really into betting, I hope. ;)

I haven't really thought about her accent but I listened to it with "perfect British accent" in mind. In a way, the guy's not wrong. It's like a computer generated British voice. Which actually isn't a slam, I think it works great for this song. Try to sing it yourself. It just loses its charm.