Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Interview

After some deliberating I have begun looking for a job. It was my original goal to just take German classes until I could pass the C-1 German proficiency test (aka prove your fluency to get into German university), but have come to realize that I might not need to be perfect to get a job I enjoy.

So after some anxious phone calling and resume-sending I landed an interview on Tuesday with a ghost tour company. They're looking to translate their current tours into English, but I had to interview completely in German. I was pretty nervous, and went to my morning German class with a handful of translations to ask: "graduated from university", "improv group", etc. My classmates were very excited and chatty with me, and many have mentioned other jobs to me as well.

After class, armed with my extra phrases, I met the potential boss at a cafe. Luckily he spoke nearly the whole time and I only needed to interject a few sentences. Afterward he pronounced, "I like you, I think you're a good person. Come take a tour with your husband and see if this is the work for you!" I agreed to, and plan on calling him when I get back from Amsterdam next Monday. (Happy anniversary to us!) But now I have to decide what I want to do. Upside: it sounds really fun, and I could finally achieve my goal of becoming a historical re-enactor. Downside: not very many hours or much money. Luckily I have a week to think, and to check on the other irons I've got in the fire.

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