Friday, August 7, 2009

I Shame Me So.

There is a funny ad in the Berlin subway. They feature a woman with a turtleneck pulled up over her face and the caption "I shame me so for my English!" It is for English lessons, of course. I like when Germans make mistakes speaking English because it shows me how to say the equivalent in German. Thus you say "Ich schäme mich so für mein Englisch."

And today I definitely shamed myself. As I mentioned in the last post, I've been bumped up a level-- skipping the end of B-1 and the first half of B-2. Wednesday and Thursday I felt like I was holding my own, but we were primarily focused on speaking exercises. Today we were doing grammar and vocabulary and my teacher asked me questions like "do you know the difference between "wenn" and "wann"?" and "you don't know the plural of "kleidung"? It's "kleidung." " So, embarrassing.

But the final error was only my stupidity. We were playing a game with our new vocabulary about emotions. I meant to say "I am jealous of Angie's clothes." Instead said "I am disappointed in Angie's clothes." Everyone looked at me like I was a total bitch for a minute or two before I realized my error. I hope my teacher doesn't decide to bump me down a level. Uggg.....maybe Monday will be better.

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Juliana said...

Don't be so hard on yourself - when you make funny mistakes you learn better :)