Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Accidental German

Everyday I am thinking more and more in German. I converse more in German and feel pretty comfortable in most circumstances. Today I said "Entschuldigung mein Deutsch ist sehr schlect" (Sorry my German is very bad) for the first time in a month, and it was only to get out of speaking to Jehovah's Witnesses. Unfortunately they also spoke English, so no dice.

I spend a large part of my German class everyday giggling obnoxiously. There are just so many funny things I have never considered. For example, today someone asked what "überaschen" meant. It means surprise. And I asked my teacher "do Germans have surprise parties?" He said yes. I asked "Do you jump out and yell 'überaschen!'" He said yes, and I cracked up. I don't know why this should be funny to me, but it is.

Another example is a strange listening exercise from last week. We were listening to dialogue and had to answer if the speakers used certain polite phrases with each other. The first few were very ordinary, a polite shopkeeper, a rude child, but the third was an elderly lady being helped onto a train by a young man. They both spoke politely, but the funny thing was as she was going up the train steps she made very sexual panting noises. It went on for nearly a minute. We were all laughing and Corrina was beet red.

Something about being embarrassed came up in class and Phil wanted to tell our other teacher this story. But he didn't know any words for "panting" or "moaning" and so he said "sexgeräusche machen" (sex sounds making). Martin thought this was a good made up word, but also taught us the word for "to moan"-- stöhnen. Use it in a sentence! For example "Die Oma hat sehr laut gestöhnt." (The grandma has moaned very loudly.)

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