Friday, July 25, 2008

Many Merry Merkels

So Ryan and I have a fascination with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. We don't speak German or follow German politics too closely, so it has nothing to do with anything substantive. We just enjoy her turtle-like mannerisms. My theory is that a. she has a turtle shell and cleverly conceals it in her fitted suit jackets oder b. the suit jackets and their obtrusive shoulder pads are some kind of plot to keep Merkel's arms from reaching above mid-chest. Either way, the effect can be quite comical.

Exhibit A: Merkel's turtle instincts try to fend off the unwanted and decidedly creepy massage Bush forced on her.

Exhibit B: Who can resist a crush on Obama? No one, not even Merkel.

Exhibit C: suck it all you journalists who commented on Hillary Clinton's cleavage. Merkel does as Merkel likes!

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