Thursday, July 24, 2008

Always Learning Something New

I had an epiphany while ironing the family's sweat pants and jeans (insert anal German joke here). Forgive me if this is obvious to you, but I was ironing the 10-year old girl's jeans, and I saw that they are Abercrombie & Fitch size 0. Having never been a size 0 myself, I haven't ever held up a pair of pants this small before. I know that most models are a size 0 or 2. But I was shocked to see these pants in person! This little girl is built like your average 10-year old, slim, has yet to develop. Its so strange to think that this is the "ideal" fashion size. I couldn't believe it! This is not an adult size! I realize some adult women are naturally this size, but clearly not the majority. I wonder if a lot of people who wear a size 0 are actually prepubescent.

As for the rest of the job, its getting better. The older daughter is very helpful and also bilingual, if a little short-tempered with her sister. And the younger daughter is getting better. She needs to get over this tantrum thing, but she has sweetened up to me a bit. And she attempted her first (mostly) English sentence today in the car: "Katy, can you anschnallen me?" Mom and sister were in the car and had a good laugh with me. They let me know that "anschnallen" means "buckle up." So there you go.

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