Friday, March 7, 2008

Weekly Parade

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Updates abound: I have FINALLY booked some work, at least temporarily. So I am working, at least next week, and should net about 200 quid.

But onto more interesting things. I've been meaning to write for sometime about a weekly phenomenon I've witnessed in Newcastle. Every weekend, Ryan and I will hit the downtown for a movie, a pub, or a poker game. We head for the bus around midnight (we are old married people after all), and watch Newcastle's fine Drunk Parade.

Newcastle has two large universities in its downtown area and every student is out on the weekend. The girls are clad in 6" heels and dresses that barely cover their cootches, and these difficult to maintain outfits become worse with drink and Newcastle's crazy strong wind.

Last Saturday night, there were 3 girls at the bus stop getting chatted up by some guys. One was obviously on the verge of blacking out, and so her friends decided to ditch the bus stop and get them a taxi. They propped up super drunk and the three of them teetered down the street on their high high heels, when the drunk girl stopped, lifted up the back of her dress and proceeded to pick her thong out of her behind, flashing the whole bus stop in the process. Sexy!

And previous to that, we were waiting at the bus stop on a Wednesday night, freezing our asses off, when we saw a man WEARING a cafe chair on his back. It was kind of looped over his shoulder... I couldn't see if it was strapped to him, but it was solidly on his back. Anyway, he stumbled down the street to an ATM and fished his bank card out of his back pocket, then dropped it on the ground. The next 10 minutes was spent leaning over, loosing his balance, stumbling forward, standing upright, then reaching again for the bank card. All the while still carrying a chair on his back.

P.S. have recently learned that Koreans have potato salad, my peace plan continues to spread....

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