Friday, March 21, 2008

High School Musical 2

It's Good Friday and I'm currently at work. Lucky for me, BBC is either showing figure skating or High School Musical 2. So, I've decided to investigate what this hot campy mess is all about.

The first song is cringe-inducing, and I remember why I've usually turned this off. But once evil blonde Sharpei starts scheming I find the motivation to continue. Within about 15 minutes I've adjusted to the cheesiness. Except for one thing: Troy and Gabriella hardly share a smooch-- are they Mormon or something? Have they had their hormones surgically removed by the Disney Chanel? If I remember high school correctly, we were making out every chance we got, and I was more chaste than most of my classmates.

Apart from this, the simplicity of the program is enticing. Its definitely brain-off TV, as one of my walk-in patients commented. We both proceeded to stare at the TV in a dopey haze for the next 15 minutes.

But I think underneath all the saccharine simplicity there are some dark themes. Is Sharpei's resentment of Gabriella a statement about immigration? Sharpei thinks Gabriella is stealing her "Troy"? Sharpei, as a rich white American, has a heightened sense of entitlement. She uses her influence to make Troy prostitute himself for a basketball scholarship. But the way to "winning the talent show" isn't by seducing Troy, or threatening Gabriella's job, but by embracing the multicultural. And wearing a lot of gay hats, apparently.

Yes, this movie has not only multicultural, but rather communist leanings. I guess its just more liberal brainwashing for tomorrow's children.

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