Thursday, February 21, 2008

Unemployment Blues

I haven't been posting much lately because my life's kind of boring right now. I have spent the last 3.5 weeks job-hunting to no avail. I had an offer from a maid service, but it was only 6-12 hours a week, which is not enough to cover groceries, let alone make a dent in living expenses. I've also been interviewed by an education temp agency, which could be sweet, but for now I'm waiting for my background check to clear and then hoping they'll actually call with work for me. (Other temp agencies haven't been great about this.) In the meantime I'm applying for every entry-level job I come across: retail, secretarial, home care, child care, Subway Sandwich Artist (a girl can dream, can't she?), and etc.

Basically the job market sucks here. It seems to move at a snail's pace, and my resume's a bit scattered. If I can get an interview I can generally land a job due to my ability to intuit what people want to hear, but on paper I'm not ideal. I graduated university 11 months ago and have since then failed to work a full-time, non-min-wage job, and also not been in a single job for more than 4 months. These suits just don't get my current gypsy lifestyle.

We were hoping through some loophole I'd qualify for unemployment, but there are some problems. I can't collect in the UK because I'm not a citizen. I can't collect in Washington because I wasn't laid off, and I could collect in Montana if I had earned taxable income in that state during the last year. I did have a part-time nanny job over the summer, but the money was under the table and thus I didn't pay taxes on it. So no dough.

So say a prayer to Cajetan for me, the patron saint of deadbeats.

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