Thursday, September 13, 2007

Que Que Nat-u-rah, You will Understand

Last night among the usual collection of bizarre dreams (one involved eating the arms off of Ryan's cousin's doll "for safe keeping") I had one that I hesitate to take seriously.

I dreamt I was on my way to get a hair cut. The lady who entered the room was a large Japanese Shaman. I don't know if there really are Japanese Shamans, but in my dream there was. There were all these people there-- a lot of people I knew from high school who have it all figured out with what they want to do with their lives-- and she gave each of them a necklace. Each one had a powerful symbol. Then everyone told these stories and they seemed random but I soon realized that each of these stories defined them. There were tragic stories that were funny because the people telling them had a funny outlook on life.

The shaman asked me what my story was. I said I had no idea. She asked me who I was. A lot of words came to mind: disciple, traveler, but I settled on seeker.

In the car this morning there was a commercial on the radio for some computer school. The guy said "I was an actor, a chairlift operator at a ski resort, and a cattle rancher. Now I'm a computer-blah-blah-blah." And I thought to myself "what a step backwards!"

So I still don't know what I want to do with my life, but I guess at least I still have it all ahead of me.


Bryce said...

You are pretty darn messed up.

Although I do appriciate the accompaning picture of Juan Smith and Pocahantas.

My spelling is bad.

Please continue...

Anonymous said...

There are indeed Japanese shamans. And hair is a very powerful symbol to them. So there you go . . .