Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Give us money!! $$$

I swore I'd never blog. I know people who blog, and they're only interesting in the "I can't believe this person thinks like this what a loser" way. For example the "oh my god people at my work are so mean and dumb" or the "I can't confront my friend/boyfriend/boss/mom about our personal problems so I'm gonna bitch about it online" or my personal fav "look how badly I'm taking care of myself, leave lots of comments scolding me and therefore validating my feelings that I AM THE CENTER OF THE FUCKING UNIVERSE." Seriously.

But here I am, blogging. The dilemma that has pushed me to blog is the fact that I'm getting married to a wonderful man (he is the one who hears me bitch, not you) and we are moving to Europe so he can study alternative energies, and by proxy, save the world. The only catch is we are broke recent grads who may not be able to even get work permits in the EU. How am I going to support Ryan's microchip habit?

My goal, however unrealistic, is that someone will read this and pay me lots of money. It's pretty unlikely, but stranger things have happened. So, if you're reading this, consider me your internet panhandler. Remember, oil is running out and solar panels don't work in Seattle, so giving Ryan money now may eventually save your ass from freezing when the ice caps melt and flood the earth and somehow everything eventually freezes again (I'm foggy on that part of Deep Impact, but somehow a tidal wave in NYC eventually leads to continental ice ages, I'm pretty sure).

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Kaitlin said...

Sorry to say that the only easy way out is either to start selling drugs or start selling your body. Good luck baby!