Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breaking news...French Car Company Kills Knut!

We received the above postcard from our Peugeot dealer a few weeks ago.  As you can clearly see from the poorly photo-shopped flower, it is spring time, which means discounts on oil changes.  It also means AGONY FOR POLAR BEARS.

For those of you who haven't heard, Berlin Zoo's beloved Knut (that's kuh-noot for you non-German speakers) passed away last week.  He was a troubled young polar bear, rejected by his mother and raised by a zookeeper named Thomas.  Last year Thomas died and Knut went through a rough period, rejecting sexy female polar bears, and-- this is my favorite Knut story-- after a misguided person jumped into his habitat, he donned the human's sweater over his head and wore it, we can only assume, to taunt the jumper.

Various news outlets are now reporting that Knut died from a brain injury, but isn't it interesting how I received this flyer from Main/Taunus Peugeot dealership two weeks before his untimely death?  Is my Peugeot dealer psychic?  Or, was Peugeot able to predict Knut's demise because they had a hand in it?!? 

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