Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is this what America is doing while I'm gone?

The other week I heard this hilarious interview on BBC: Its about a grocery store in the UK banning people in pajamas. And when I listened I'll admit I felt a bit superior.

But today I saw this on the blogosphere, and nearly had a nervous breakdown. PAJAMA JEANS!!!?????!!!! WTF???!!!!???? I especially got a kick out of their "European Styling." During all my living/traveling on the continent, I have never seen a woman enter a grocery store in pajamas, sweatpants, or workout clothes. (The UK is another story)

Ryan and I played a game once in Paris. It was called "spot the American." And it was depressingly easy. Lots of women I know wish they could look like a sophisticated French woman. Let me give a hint. Step one: pajamas are for sleeping. When you wake up, put on other pants.

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