Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh joy.

Updates, updates... we are back from our 3-week vacation (which was great, thanks) and were supposed to be moving yesterday, except that our letting agent emailed the day we landed in Rome to tell us that we did not, in fact, have the apartment. The two weeks previous to our holiday when I was nagging and calling and emailing about him getting us the contract before we left, he didn't because the landlord was deciding to give it to his friend.

So we're facing yet another exciting last-minute move. Ryan starts in his new office tomorrow and we have no flat, so we're leaving out today for Frankfurt's Golden Leaf Hotel, which is not, in fact, leafy or golden. I will be scrambling over the next few days to find a place ASAP.

I have oodles of photos and blogging to upload but the internets is not being cooperative today, and I don't know what our situation will be starting tomorrow, so sorry for the delays. It will all hopefully be sorted soon! Wish us luck.

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