Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is Clint Eastwood a Racist?

Ok, I'm a little late to the game here, but Ryan and I finally saw "Mystic River" last night. It is a really well done film, great script, AMAZING ensemble acting, its got the whole shebang. But, I was shocked to hear Lawrence Fishburne's character introduce himself as what sounded like WHITEY POWERS; and I brought this up midway through and Ryan was like "no you're hearing things" but in the credits, there it was...Whitey Powers! The only black character in the movie gets a name that sounds like the slogan of the neo-Nazis? WTF?

I know a while ago Spike Lee criticized Eastwood for his lack of African-American soldiers in his two WW2 epics. That is a big oversight on his part, I would say, but not overtly racist. But what the heck, Eastwood? That's not even a good name for a character.

We scoured the IMDB website for any sign of controversy, but it looks like either no one noticed or thought this was interesting...

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